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Our dance programs are based on multi-discipline dance style learning, a solid technique base while having fun and working on unique choreography. Our students learn the ever-important technical base for each style. We also believe that being a well-rounded dancer today means more than just learning the technique - there needs to be a deliberate focus on developing dance expression and individual style - the "wow" factor.

Depending on Location, A Variety of Dance Types Offered for Ages 2 - 9


Karate, is a Japanese martial art that develops the use of both body and mind and builds on a philosophy of perseverance and discipline. At BrightPath Studios, we offer several different karate programs to suit a variety of ages and skill levels. Participants work with our qualified instructors in a non-competitive, fun and save environment while gaining strength, confidence, health and fitness.

Depending on Location, Programs Offered for Ages 2.5 - 12


The beginning foundations of flexibility and strength to help develop skills and muscle strength.

Depending on Location, Programs Offered for Ages 1.5 - 5



Our facilities offer the perfect environment for current and soon to be students trying to achieve stronger performance in a variety of education based classes.

Depending on Location, Programs Offered for Ages 3 - 12